New Network - RXConnect

RxConnect is the name of the new CVS/Pharmacy corporation's proprietary pharmacy computer system replacing Rx2000 in late 2010. It relies on broadband internet connections to adjudicate insurance claims, manage patient profiles, manage pharmacy outreach calls, as well as connect with CVS's corporate portal and rxnet. RxConnect is a windows 2000 skinned version of Linux and was designed to compete directly with Walgreen's Intercom Plus pharmacy computer system. There has however been some problems with the new system. As more and more CVS branches are converting to the new system, there have been problems with the system being extremely slow and crashing occasionally. As CVS is one of the largest pharmacy's, it is important to have a more reliable system and should have invested in something more stable. Maintenance components of RxConnect are non-typically used by pharmacy staff members in the normal day to day operation of the pharmacy. Most reports and system functions are automatically printed or performed.

RxConnect, Netsmart’s pharmacy management software, supports key pharmacy functions and processes for behavioral and public health organizations that operate their own pharmacies.

RxConnect, which was pharmacist-designed, has features and capabilities of all ranges, to make the operation of the department as effective and efficient as possible. Some of the capabilities implemented by the new network system are: full management of all pharmacy processes and transactions, integrating with Order Entry and eMAR to support closed loop medication management, applying a patient-oriented approach, a user-friendly interface for the pharmacist, and responsive customer and technical support.

RxConnect can be deployed as an integrated component of Netsmart’s Avatar, CMHC/MIS behavioral health and Insight public health enterprise software solutions or as a standalone application in conjunction with an existing hospital or other healthcare information system.
As an integrated element of Netsmart software, RxConnect provides transparency between the systems for admissions, charges, notes and other key data points shared between pharmacy and enterprise systems. For example, it is fully integrated with the Avatar Order Entry and Avatar Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) modules, providing a complete closed loop medication management solution. In this scenario, an Avatar customer creates a medication order for a consumer via Avatar Order Entry. The order is sent to the pharmacy and processed using RxConnect. When the medication is administered to a consumer, the information is passed back to the pharmacist via Avatar eMAR.
Significantly, this integrated solution helps Netsmart customers meet the ”meaningful use” requirements for funding eligibility under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), which include medication management and electronic prescribing requirements.


Some of the key components that RxConnect is responsible for are daily pharmacy tasks, such as: creating fill lists, printing IV labels, checking for safe drug interactions, checking for allergy alerts, reviewing past drug history, controlling the formulas of the medications, managing the inventory of the drugs, tracking patient statistics, and implementing counseling for discharged patients.


In order for pharmacists to be efficient and effective with the network, they must be capable of using the system. There are some features that are designed to specifically aid them in doing so. These efforts include:
a browser-based interface that is able to be used my multiple monitors, multi-tasking screens that can take care of more than one item at a time, a log-in screen that identifies the present number of alerts and orders that are pending, and all patients’ names put in a database for easy access to their medical and personal information.


There are many actions that take place to ensure that the drugs being handled are in no way compromised, yet are not difficult to access. In doing so, Rx Connect has implemented technology that has allowed drugs to be added from the Red Book to the database, a display of the drugs available at the present time, an application to request needed drugs to be added to the inventory, a master file of all drugs available, a display of the drugs used by a patient in the last year, and automatic updates from when drugs are either replaced or sold.


So that prescriptions can be completed in the fastest, yet most accurate time possible, there have been some rules placed in the system. For instance, after a certain pre-determined time for every day, orders are automatically stopped to be continued the next day. Other upgrades in technology include a high limit for the amount of text on prescriptions-to help better inform nurses and patients on dosage information, a comment field to add those specific directions, automatic price updates for drugs, orders to be changed whenever needed, and tracking be attached to all orders.


The goal for pharmacies is to help patients become as healthy as soon as possible, so giving them the correct prescription is the most ideal way of doing so. To make sure that this happens, RxConnect has formulas to calculate the body weight, dosing weight and body surface area of a patient, to ensure that they receive the right prescription. It also automatically indicates the allergies and chronic illnesses before the newly-onset condition, prints drug education informational pamphlets in English and Spanish, have prescriptions translated to the patients native language, and color-coded hazard labels so that patients are aware of possible harmful interactions.

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